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Paroles De Chanson Sonnerie Deh Deh – Unknown T:

No watch but I’m able to bust that down
9 gang, circle around

Rise up the ting and baow, deh deh
We crash on peds
.44 in the back, let’s ding right round
Slap P’s for a tech
No watch but I’m able to bust that down
No way, we don’t do no square routes
9 gang, circle around

On my block, there’s a T meeting
Tell my young boy, “Circle around”
Ain’t my luck if the ting don’t sneeze
Don’t care if it’s P’s, I’m bruckin’ it down
Don’t flex and chill with the opps
Then think that everything criss like Brown
9 boys pop up with skengs, both sides
No trace and we’re lurkin’ your town

You don’t know about stress on a ride
With a Samurai, holdin’ my waist and fidget
And if we buck opps like bells in a skeng
Reverse it back and then wig it
I’m speakin’ facts, I don’t chat shit on the trap, man live it