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♥♥♥ Sonnerie CHAUDE, DERNIÈRE 2023 ♥♥♥ Je vous souhaite une bonne écoute et télécharger de musique ♥♥♥
Catégorie: Internationale
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Paroles De Chanson Diet Coke – Pusha Sonnerie:

Imaginary players ain’t been coached right
Master recipes under stove lights
The number on this jersey is the quote price
You ordered Diet Coke, that’s a joke, right?
Everybody get it off the boat, right?
But only I can really have a snow fight
Detroit nigga challenge, what’s your dope like?
If your Benz bigger, step it up to Ghost life
Missy was our only misdemeanor
My tunnel vision’s better under stove lights
You ordered Diet Coke, that’s a joke, right?
My workers compensated so they don’t strike

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