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Paroles de Micho Pride

Rest in peace X
I wonder who is next
All the shit they put you through, it made me feel so blessed
When do we stop hatin, and start loving our next?
I’m standing here thanks to you, and all the things you said
Gun pointed at my head, once wishing i was dead
But now i’m standing proud as hell and banging on my chest
Cause i know that i’m the best
Something no one ever said
I realized it myself and now i’m freer than the rest.
Why do we even live this way with so much hatred?
Why do we always skip the part I love you for later?
Why do we always realize what we had, when we lose it
Our love is stronger than our demons, we just need to choose it
Why do we do this
Why don’t we stop this
Love don’t kill nobody
We just need to
Why do we do this
Why don’t we stop this
Love don’t kill nobody
We just need to
Another wasted life, another mother cries
Please brother put your fucking weapon to the side
Cause that aint the way to die
And you know that deep inside
If killing is our pride, then why bother stay alive?
Fuck negativity
We all have one epiphany
I just get the feeling that we keep repeating history
Another brother dead, and another brother locked up
God send some help, ’cause I swear that this is fucked up
Everybody wanna kill, what’s going on?
Aint no body wanna feel this pain no more
Anybody could be killed, whats going on?
Whats going on, God what’s going on?
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