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Catégorie: Rap - Hip Hop
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Scarica Suonerie ESCAPE PLAN – Travis Scott:

Twelve-figure estate plan, that was the escape plan
But hate investigatin’, that shit was a waste, man
But wait, I stopped the facin’ ’cause shit just start erasin’
But wait, it opened gates and this shit just start paradin’, olé (Let’s go)
We out the basement, on one floor where it’s vacant
She feelin’ anxious to be out where it’s dangerous, okay (It’s lit)
Love how the chains hit, especially how I bang it, okay
Jamaican-Spanglish, she mixed up in her language, hey bae (Yeah)
That WAP need draining, just havе it if you singing, okay (Woah)
Fuck that Birkin, she just need some encouragеment (Uh)
Fix that attitude, she think she need a surgeon, okay

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